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Storytelling…Leave ‘Em Wanting More

Reading opens up a whole new world, doesn’t it. It’s kinda like opening shuttered windows to see a bold, bright sun shiny day. After reading my morning devotion, by Donna Partow, an incredible sense of radiance came over me. Try to imagine being bathed in warmth and light-heartedness – there was no pain today; only a deep desire to share that feeling.

After finishing devotion, the typical duties of the work day set in…with an added bonus. Ever get a tweet, text, DM, or snap that arrives unexpectedly, but just on time somehow. This was my morning. The text was from my mentee, Timmon Smith, a motivational speaker and all-around great human being. This man accepts no excuses.

Timmon prides himself on starting the day at 5 a.m. – please ask him why (and how; I struggle to get up at 5:45 a.m. everyday, but I’m pushing through, thank you).

The text read this way:

Mentee: Have a wonderful day.

Mentor: Good morning, Timmon. Planning to dominate today? And how many pages of your life story have you written already? Hopefully you saw my LinkedIn post from this morning; I had you in mind when I wrote it. Up early; no excuses.

Mentee: Glad I could be inspiring to you. I went to bed with hammer in hand knowing when I wake I was going to break new ground. I’m still putting the puzzles together with my story. I’ve been spending large amounts of time working on crafting my message. Any tips?

Let’s pause, for a sec…Did anyone else get goosebumps with the hammer-breaking ground symbolism just then? Okay, moving on.

Mentor: I like the imagery of hammer and breaking new ground…that sounds like the start of a great outline for that type of message. Try to recall a news cycle about construction or an area of York improved or devastated by new infrastructure. See if that sparks an idea to go along with creating your story or message. People like hearing familiar  things they can relate to.

Try outlining these areas in your message:


*Tell a story

*Identify a problem

*Get excited about a solution

*Get audience buy-in and participation

*Leave them wanting more

Mentee: You have me smiling right now. Its amazing how a few words can change a person’s day and perception of life. Thank you and continue to be a gift.

Leave them wanting more

I just let you in on a secret there. When building your confidence to take the stage (or the seat at the table, or the seat in front of the video recorder), prepare more than enough material to share with your audience, but similar to an exciting cliff-hanger novel, leave someone in the audience wanting to hear more from you. That’s not withholding information or being greedy with your knowledge. Leave them thirsty and exhilarated and hungry for your next message – it may turn into your next scheduled paid speaking engagement. Think of it as succession planning.

Another plan for success involves using your experience to equip someone else. Have you committed some time to mentoring someone else along the way? Have you extended an offer to mentor an up-and-comer? Did you accept the request to mentor someone who would like to model your behavior and your path toward success. If not, consider mentoring before the sun sets on this day. You may be missing out on a prime opportunity to develop someone else professionally, as well as an opportunity to reflect on your own habits and behaviors that drive you.

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