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Running on “E” and Other Failed Business Strategies to Avoid

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Ladies, I need you to be honest with yourself for a moment. Okay, no more than three precious minutes worth of moments. We’re taking a quick trip back to childhood. Don’t worry, I won’t hold you there for long. 

We are not always in control…and that’s okay

More than once we’ve been warned “don’t cry over spilled milk,” right? Mom said it to us when we couldn’t get our way. Grandma calmed us when we couldn’t control the outcome. Or maybe a teacher showed us an alternative when we needed to instead be happy with the way things turned out.

As solopreneurs, Mompreneurs, entrepreneurs…whichever “…preneur” you go by, isn’t is easy to dwell in matters we cannot change? The stress of self-employment is real. Bosses that I strongly disliked, as well as my closest companions, have successfully convinced me that most of my stress is self-induced. That said, I pass that gem on and implant it in your crown. The fact is, attitude limits stress

Keep “attitude” in mind as I list some familiar tactics that we’ve been known to employ in our crash course of doing business.

  1. Joining Team #nosleep to accomplish tasks we’ve undoubtedly procrastinated about
  2. Working in our pajamas and messy bun ALL-DAY
  3. Bottling emotion for the sake of “being strong”

Shifting our mindset in 3…2….1

Okay, think “attitude” as we view these tactics from a different angle.

For starters,

Running on empty, or your lowest level of energy reserve, is the outward appearance (what you look like) after exhausting your resources and sustenance. In other words, it’s not cute. Appearance matters always. There is not ever a second chance to make a good, lasting first impression. Take a nap. Grab a snack. I don’t know how you’ll fit it in your busy schedule, but make it happen. Get in a routine that involves easing yourself into bed with a book, guilty pleasure magazine (your brain took you somewhere for a moment, didn’t it?) or maybe a mug of hot lavender, honey tea. Think “Sleeping Beauty”…without the back-end, maleficent storyline. An eat an apple…one a day keeps the doctor away. 


Look here, Queens, rocking PJs all-day when working from home can be a dream come true. I’m not going to deny that. However, my loves, can you admit for a split-second that it actually feels good to get dressy and put together, even if there is no meeting or video call or expected delivery. Getting dressed, I promise, even if just partly, makes a difference in our demeanor. For real, even if you just try a “business on top, party on the bottom” look for your webinars or live streams, intentionally dressing for a successful encounter or impression gives you confidence. Confidence is king…or Queen, in this instance.

“You cry like a girl…”. Well, I am.

I’ve never been a fan of “being strong” for someone or in the face of a special/certain occasion. My mindset has been “meet emotion with emotion, only when necessary.” Some occasions call for light or no emotion, others call for every ounce of emotion in my entire being. I do subscribe to the ideal of Emotional Intelligence. A former manager, told me that she deals with stress in her demanding career by “scheduling emotion.” Literally, and I totally believe her, she went to the gym for 2 hours everyday after work and let her emotion out there in her various workouts. Her candid expression really helped me conceal my feelings at work and portray the necessary demeanor I needed for 8 hours each day. In my downtime, I choose to release emotion (cry, yell, laugh loud, you get the point) on my terms. Basically, don’t allow a customer or an unexpected experience to deplete your emotional bank account.

And here’s a freebie: be enthusiastic about everything you care for in life and in business.

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A note from The Small Business Cheerleader™:

I reside and own Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC, in Farmington Hills, MI. A great author encouraged me to Think and Grow Rich, by choice. So by choice, I hunt goals as a Speaker, Author, Small Business and Non-Profit Consultant, Grant Writer, Young Entrepreneur mentor and Board Member at the National Association of Women Business Owners Greater Detroit Chapter. Ascent Preparatory Academy For EntrepreneursTM  is where I share online, self-paced training and to offer an additional revenue stream to virtual instructors. Additionally, I’m a Certified Business Advisor with StealthEnomics. I’m also an Alumni Recruiter for Coppin State University (HBCU #CoppinProud). A wonderful husband, Ken; 5 children (4 are grown – we’re in the homestretch); 2 grand princesses; and a big dog complete me. You can find my writings in Career Mastered Magazine.





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  • Jaime says:

    I totally agree with the statement regarding “emotional intelligence “. Far to often women aren’t seen as true players in the game because we allow our emotions to real us in business but if balance and used appropriately we are some forces to be reckoned with. Thanks for sharing!

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