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Pep Talk

Look Ahead…the future is not behind

With plenty of negativity recourses, it's quite easy to stop, look around at the circumstances and decide that going on is not the best option. "Easy" doesn't..

Pardon The Stare…My Goals are in Sight

An excellent post, earlier in 2018, from ReeJade Richmond of Search For Her Existence (S.H.E.), Inc asked followers something to the effect of: So, how..

Goals: Pep Squad

Photo credit: Tisha Hammond Gen Y and Gen Z are represented in this photo. Young Entrepreneurs make up my Professional Pep Squad. They are developing..

Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

The Fix – what’s fueling you?

Here's a giant leap, but I'm going for it...on your social media stories, walls, timelines, and such, do you have that one connection whose posts..

Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

Who do they say you are: Squander-er or Steward?

You're Fired! Who hasn't dreamed of hearing those dreaded words from their supervisor? Those two little words cause big angst and you don't wish to..

Storytelling…Leave ‘Em Wanting More

Reading opens up a whole new world, doesn't it. It's kinda like opening shuttered windows to see a bold, bright sun shiny day. After reading..

Your legacy remixed…the future’s spin on your Family Business

Remember when? To you, twenty-five or thirty years ago, retirement was for the elderly and feeble - clearly not gonna happen to you, huh? You..

Captain America is Good for Business; here’s why…

Pep Squad, there is a glimmer of hope in me that believes some DC Comics fans will accept the following message. In full disclosure, I..

Rebuilding Black Wall Street…an impossible dream?

Tell me I "can't" do it and I'll show you how I make it happen. ~ Tisha Hammond   Black Excellence: Rebuilding the Black Wall..

History has its eyes on Black America

Dear Pep Squad, Each year a theme is thoughtfully crafted to commemorate Black History Month. The Association for the Study of African American Life and..

Is your business plan a train wreck in the making?

There is a very young king in my Sunday School class who stops the lesson and yells "train" every single time, he sees the People..

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…

Seems like folks are equally divided on setting new year's resolutions versus making goals. Resolution-making and I parted in 2014; there just wasn't enough "umph"..