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Pep Talk

a picture of Mrs. Storm Pierre, photographer leaning against a wall that reads you left your mark

Introducing Guest Blogger: Storm Pierre

Picture this...living a love affair through the lens of an international photographer There are two languages understood around the world that need no translation...love and..

photo of ReeJade Richmond captioned Business and Legal Strategist

Guest Blogger: ReeJade Richmond shares Why You Need to Invest In Protecting Your Business

“I will hire an attorney once I start making money.” A common trend that I have been noticing amongst small business owners is that they..

Pep Talk with The Small Business Cheerleader graphic that reads Introducing Guest Blogger ReeJade Richmond

Protect, Monetize and Secure the Bag

Let's give a warm welcome to the next Guest Blogger: ReeJade Richmond   Add a splash of celebrity status, with a mix of legal strategy,..

spa room

Spotlight: My Moroccan Spa

Check your cares at the door. That really is something entrepreneurs strive for, isn't it? It's safe to say that we want to find a..

woman crouched down next to a fallen ice cream cone

Running on “E” and Other Failed Business Strategies to Avoid

Ladies, I need you to be honest with yourself for a moment. Okay, no more than three precious minutes worth of moments. We're taking a..

Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

Guest Bloggers Wanted

"Pep Talk With The Small Business Cheerleader" welcomes guest bloggers who want to share encouraging words about adventures in self-employment.

Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

Give the Gift of Consultation

Self-employment is not for everyone, but the world's largest workforce calls themselves "Boss." Give the gift of consultation to the aspiring entrepreneur or "boss" in..

Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

Spirited and Uplifting Advice Just For You

The Small Business Cheerleader welcomes questions from those feeling deflated, worried or unmotivated in your career, on your board or in your start-up. Get ready..

Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

Need To Know: Pre-Business Launch Stage

Success in any business demands both mental and financial fitness. Work out these areas first and your business venture will be in good shape. This..

Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

Take Control of Your Business Finances

Are you a business owner with no time? Here's a tool to help you stay in control of your finances for tax time. It's perfect..

Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

Spotlight: Mariyah Saifuddin

“Networking, making [that] human-to-human connection, is more valuable than making a sale”…and that’s straight from the President’s mouth. Well, keep talking, Mariyah, because you are..

Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

Pep Squad Leader: Interviewing Now

At Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC, we’re growing. Grow on this journey with us.