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Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC, popularly known as “From Launch to Ascent,” is the marketplace for those who crave economic empowerment. Developed by Tisha Hammond, The Small Business Cheerleader, in January 2015, as an A-Z business development source, the company has refined its focus to share the best of its offerings: an online training academy, consulting, training, creative and proposal writing, storytelling and notary public services. The goal is to guide your business from its launch to ascent.

Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

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NEA Virtual Pitch August 18 2021

Please join us on August 1, 2021, at 5pmET on Zoom and see amazing entrepreneurs, including me, pitch our business ideas for a chance to win cash and prizes. Presented by National Entrepreneurs Association and Dell Technologies. Sponsored in part by Comerica Bank. Claim your virtual front-row seat at


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Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC

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Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC


Ascent Small Business Promotion, LLC


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